The Long and Winding Road

First full day in Ulaan Bataar. Arrived yesterday at 10:50 AM. It certainly was an ordeal getting here. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a REALLY long trip. I thought the hardest part was going to be getting thru security. With 3 metal joints in my body, 35 pounds of camera gear and half of a Walgreens pharmacy in my bag I thought it would take forever for them to dig thru all of that. Nothing, they didn’t look in my bag or even wand any of my fake body parts. Popped a couple of Dalmane once I got on the flight to China and was asleep before we took off. Woke up about an hour before we landed. Both of my checked bags made it, much to my amazement. Had lunch at Millie’s, a fave hangout for diplomats and ex-pats. My first meal in Mongolia was a cheeseburger and fries. The place is owned by a Cuban so the hamburger had a distinct Cuban flavoring to it. Had Mongolian for dinner. Mutton noodle soup. Not bad. Not much going on today. Maaike, the author got in the day before me so we both need a day to to rest up and adjust to the new zone. Will walk around town for a bit and hopefully get some photos. Have yet to find the cord to plug in card reader so no photos today. Hopefully will be able to post some tomorrow.