Tues, 7/17

If you are trying to wrap your head around the time difference, for me trying to figure out the time in Colorado I subtract two hours and flip from night to day or vice versa. So, it’s 8:30AM here and that makes it 6:30PM Mountain time in the U.S.

Went to get registered with the Mongolian immigration office. Bureaucracy is truly the glue that holds the world together. Thankfully we had Shombodon, our main Mongolian contact person, there to guide us thru the process. WIll have to write to Lonely PLanet guide books and let them know they need to be a little more detailed in their description and the requirements.

Had Korean for lunch. Pretty good. Glad that we don’t have to worry about the food here. We will get our fill of Mongolian food once we leave the city.

Was stuck in rush hour traffic yesterday evening. Traffic here is everything you’d expect from a crowded, third world city. What a hoot! The craziest part is the pedestrians crossing the streets with little more than faith that the city bus bearing down on them will not flatten them. Boulevards that are marked for six lanes can easily accommodate 5 or six cars abreast in each direction and traffic lights are merely suggestions.

Sorry for the lack of photos today. It rained most of yesterday and we were running errands in preparation for the first road trip. We leave on Thursday and head east. I will walk around town and try to snag some photos and video today. Might even stop at the Bavarian Beer Garten for lunch.